28 February – 1 March 2022, Kyiv, Ukraine – 1000 dairy farmer and expert attendees – Dairy industry in Ukraine challenging for farmers – Speaker topics: Dairy industry 2023 outlook; niche markets; energy-efficient technologies

Dear colleagues, we invite you to take part in the rating "Dairy Records of Ukraine", the results of which will be summed up during the XV International Dairy Congress, which will be held February 28 - March 1, 2022 in the "KyivExpoPlaza" (Amsterdam, 1, Berezivka , Kyiv region).

According to various estimates, 20 to 50% of productivity in dairy farming does not depend on technology or equipment on farms, but on management - that is, on how staff work. The issue of team motivation is important.

Much attention of the international community is focused on "greening" and global climate strategies. There are already very conflicting data on the impact of dairy farming on greenhouse gas emissions and the damage they cause. New global initiatives will definitely not bypass Ukraine. More about this in our article.

Global demand for dairy products is rising fast, meaning milk production must grow fast as well. However, the dairy industry has a large carbon footprint so investing in productivity and resource efficiency is fundamental to mitigate the greenhouse gas emissions from increased milk production.

One of the requirements of the new Law on Veterinary Medicine is a ban on the use of antibiotics in animal husbandry for prophylactic purposes. Vitalii Bashynskyi, the head of the Public Council at the State Service of Ukraine of Food Safety and Consumer Protection, explains why such a need arose and how it concerns dairy farms.

Has alfalfa really outlived its usefulness and should we look for alternatives? For four years in a row, the winners of the "Best alfalfa silage" contest prove the opposite: alfalfa is the queen of forage crops and there is no adequate replacement for it:

- no cereal can produce the same level of protein as alfalfa.

- the level of alfalfa silage fiber, 28-29%, is rarely achieved even on cereal grasses